charcuterie boards

Meat & Cheese Snacking Board

Old fashioned sweet bologna, pepperoni, sharp cheddar, and pepper jack cheese with dips, crackers, fresh fruit, and peanut butter pretzels.


Smoked Meat & Cheese Board

Smoked meat and smoked hot meat, smoked gouda, and smoked provolone with dips, crostini, and fresh fruit.


Supreme Meat & Cheese Board

Prosciutto ham, hot and sweet soppressata, smoked horseradish, goat and bleu cheese with olives, dips and fresh fruit


Ryan's Italian Meat & Cheese Board

Capicola, pepperoni, hard salami, provolone and cheddar cheese with dips, crostini, and pistachios.


The Vegetarian

Prosciutto ham, hot and sweet soppressata, smoked horseradish, goat and bleu cheese, with olives, dips and fresh fruit.



Bacon Pizza

BACON! BACON! BACON! Candied, Bourbon, Peppered, and naked bacon over shredded provolone cheese.


Smoked Meat & Cheese Pizza

Smoked sweet and smoked hot meat sticks, smoked gouda and smoked provolone finished with basil oil.


Supreme Meat & Cheese Pizza

Hot and sweet soppressata, shredded mozzarella & goat cheese served with a side of honey for drizzling.


Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni over shredded mozzarella and provolone cheese.


Caprese Pizza

Tomato and fresh basil over shredded mozzarella finished with a balsamic glaze.




Mozzarella Sticks

Served with steak dipping sauce.


Soft pretzel sticks with cheese sauce,  spicy mustard and whole grain mustard dips.


Served with marinara sauce for dipping.


Tater Tot Flight

A flight of tater tots including naked, parmesan, ranch, "bunny dust" with ketchup, fancy sauce and gravy for dipping.


Egg Roll Flight

Flight of egg rolls including buffalo chicken, philly cheesesteak, and vegetable.


French Fry Flight

A flight of french fries including naked, parmesan, ranch, "bunny dust" with ketchup, fancy sauce and gravy for dipping.


Boneless Chicken Bites

Choose a flavor: classic (no sauce), Louisiana garlic, sweet chili teriyaki, or garlic parmesan. Served with bleu cheese for dipping.


Boneless Chicken Bite Flight

Flight includes all four flavors of our boneless chicken bites.



Bacon on a Stick

Soft Pretzel Sticks


Cheesecake Board

An assortment of 4 different kinds of cheesecakes.


Fried Oreos

Tempura battered, fried Oreos served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup




All Cocktails - $7


Happy Gilmore

Strawberry Lemon Splash

Caramel Apple


Winter Mojito

Spiced Mojito

Berry Mojito


Southern Lemonade

Whiskey Mojito

Whiskey Cosmo

Featured Margarita




Broad Mountain Winery

Elizabethville, PA

Leading Edge

Dry Red


Deep Hollow Trail

Dry Red


Black Creek

Semi Dry Red


Broad Mountain White

Vidal Blanc



Dry White



Dry White


Love Rock

Semi SweetRed


Ravishing in Red

Sweet Red


Star of the Valley




Semi Sweet White



Sweet White



Sweet White



Beer & Cider

Beer Pints - $6   |   Cider Pints - $6

Spring House Brewing Company

Lancaster, PA

Wig Out

(Hazy IPA)

6.7% ABV

The Astounding She Monster (Mango Hazy IPA)

7.1% ABV

Big Gruesome (Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout)

8.5% ABV


(Orange Hazy IPA)

6.7% ABV

Satan's Bake Sale

(Mint Chocolate Chip Stout)

8.1% ABV

Lexicon Devil (Grapefruit Pale Ale)

5.8% ABV

Slap Me Some Skin

(Oatmeal Stout)

8.5% ABV

Seven Gates

(Juicy Pale Ale)

5.6% ABV

Rotunda Brewing Company

Annville, PA

A-Town Get Down

9.1% ABV

Bernstein Bär Amber Lager

6.1% ABV

Cerveza de Guadalupe

5.6% ABV

Crackers NE IPA

5.7% ABV

Ceres Dry Hopped Wheat

7.5% ABV

Kräbby Kölsch

5% ABV

My Sweet Saison is Gone

6.8% ABV

Let’s Make Strange Things Together

9.8% ABV

A Tail to Tell

Raspberry sWheat Tart

6.1% ABV

Hard Ciders

1911 Black Cherry


1911 Cider Donut

6.9% ABV

6.9% ABV

Ace Apple Cider

5% ABV

Cider Boys Peach County

5% ABV

Ace Honey Cider

5% ABV

Cider Boys Pineapple Hula

5% ABV

1911 New England IPC Hopped Cider

8% ABV

Ace Perry Cider

5% ABV

Original Sin Dry Rose Cider

6.5% ABV


Evil Genius Hard Seltzers

Black Cherry


Lemon Lime

Spiked Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Vodka

Whipped Cream Vodka

Marshmellow Vodka


PA  Favorites

Yuengling Lager

Troegs Perpetual



Beer or Cider Flights

Mix and Match 4 Beers or Ciders!


Wine Flights

Try our selection of wine in a flight!


Cocktail Flights

Try our Cocktails in a flight!



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